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Is the Book of Daniel Sealed in Daniel 12? Or is it the Book of Life?

Commentators have argued what the sealing of Daniel means. But is it the Book of Daniel sealed in Dan. 12 or another book? What are the implications?

full original article by Nelson Walters (author of Are We Ready For Jesus?) at thegospelintheendtimes blog:

Is the Book of Daniel Sealed in Dan. 12?

“Great controversy exists in the prophetic community about what the “sealing” of the prophecies of Daniel means. Some say “this” and some say “that.” A deeper question exists, however: “what book is sealed in Dan. 12?” Is the Book of Daniel sealed in Dan. 12 or is it possible that something else is sealed?

This is not an incidental question of interest. The reliability of Daniel’s prophecies are at stake.  If Daniel is truly sealed, has it been completely unsealed? Is there still understanding we don’t know? If something other than Daniel’s prophecies are sealed, we have complete information and can safely interpret the prophecies. Heroes of the prophetic community and lesser figures  (myself included) have written on this subject and concluded Daniel is/was sealed. This doesn’t mean we were correct, however. Notice I have placed a tag on this blog called “Unsealing the Book of Daniel.” I find that humorous and ironic if this blog proves that false.

In order to understand the questions we asked above, we must rely on our fundamental tools of Bible interpretation: context and reference. Context is looking at the passages surrounding the verse in question and deriving meaning in light of what the entire section of scripture says. Reference is looking at other sections of Daniel and the rest of scripture and let the Bible interpret the Bible.

The Context

Let’s begin our search by looking at the passage that has led to this investigation.

And at that time Michael the great prince shall stand up, that stands over the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of tribulation, such tribulation as has not been from the time that there was a nation on the earth until that time: at that time thy people shall be delivered, even every one that is written in the book. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to reproach and everlasting shame. And the wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, and some of the many righteous as the stars for ever and ever. (4) And thou, Daniel, close (Gk: ENPHOBOS, meaning fill with Godly fear) the words, and seal the book to the time of the end (Gk: SUNTELEIA, meaning “completion of many parts” or “payment”); until many are taught, and knowledge is increased (Dan. 12: 1-4 LXX)

Notice I chose the Septuagint Greek translation of Daniel not the Hebrew. Nearly all our English translation Bibles are based on a Hebrew text and every analysis I’ve seen of this passage has been constructed from the Hebrew. The Greek, however, was the primary text used by the Apostles. All but 5 OT quotes in the NT are from the Septuagint. Additionally, the language of the Septuagint and the NT are both in Greek and word studies can be done and compared to NT texts. If you are familiar with the translation of the Hebrew, you probably noticed the Septuagint version quoted here isn’t all that different. But perhaps these slight differences will help us gain understanding.

Verse 4 above is at the center of all controversy. The English translation of the first half of the verse says “close the words and seal the book to the time of the end.” That certainly sounds like the angel is commanding Daniel to seal his book (the Book of Daniel) until we reach the “time of the end.” But is that what “the book” means? Look just two verses above this passage and you will see “the book” referred to again. Can these two “the book” references be different books? They cannot (under the rules of proper Bible interpretation.) They are one and the same book. If the angel intended to refer to the Book of Daniel, he would have said “this” book or “your book.” The definitive article “the” in both references to the scroll (book) means it’s the most important of its kind in scripture.

The Reference

What is the most important book (scroll) of all-time? Most would say the Book of Life. In Rev. 20:15 we are told “And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” This is obviously a very important book. The salvation of all people depends on their names be written in this book.  What does Daniel say about “the book” in the passage above? “thy people shall be delivered, even every one that is written in the book. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life.” This is the Resurrection and obviously “the book” is the book, the Book of Life. The passage in Revelation is almost a direct quote of Daniel. John simply identifies “the book” with the two extra words “of life.”

This means “the book,” the Book of Life, is what is sealed in Dan. 12:4 until the “time of the end.”

Supporting Evidence

I think the above is a pretty definitive proof that “the book” is the Book of Life, but like the ads on TV say, “wait, there’s more!” In the Greek, a very special noun is translated “end” in the phrase “time of the end.” This word is SUNTELEIA which means “payment” or “completion of many parts.” This exact word was used by the disciples when they asked Jesus the question that led to him answering with the Olivet Discourse, “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end (Gk: SUNTELEIA) of the age?” (Matt. 24:3) This is a very particular word. In the New Testament it is always used in reference to the return of Jesus and the end of the age.  In every case in the NT, the text is referring back to this use in Dan. 12: 4 and its other use in Dan. 12:13.

Interestingly the ideas of a “payment” and the “completion of many parts” are found in one verse in Revelation. Even more interestingly, this passage involves a “sealed book (scroll)”:

Worthy are You (Jesus) to take the book and to break its seals (seven seals which when open are the completion of multiple parts); for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood (the payment) men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. (Rev. 5:9)

This is the SUNTELEIA, the time of the end Daniel was referring to: the breaking of the seven seals on the 7 Sealed Scroll. Only Jesus is worthy to break the seals because of the payment he made with his blood on our behalf. When all seven seals are broken, we will reach the completion of multiple parts, the SUNTELEIA.  Also notice that men were what was purchased. This is completely consistent with the Resurrection mentioned in Daniel 12:2. “The book” in Daniel 12:2,4 is the Book of Life and the 7 Sealed Scroll in Revelation is most likely the same book.

I guess the only question one might have is “why was this not noticed before? It seems so obvious!” There are several reasons:

  • No other commentator I know has looked at the Greek. The Hebrew word in Daniel 12:4 can’t be compared to the New Testament. The use of the Greek OT opens up the meaning.
  • If the 7 Sealed Scroll truly contains the Book of Life (it has other aspects to it as well), there are serious implications on the timing of the Rapture. If the SUNTELEIA occurs upon the “completion of multiple parts” (the opening of the 7th seal), the Resurrection and the Rapture must occur toward the end of the 70th Week of Daniel. This is completely consistent with Dan. 12:2 that pictures the Resurrection after the Great Tribulation. Based on this analysis in Daniel, there can be no Pre-Tribulation Rapture.”


I agree in my own books (End Times and 2019 – and – Antichrist 2016-2019) the Resurrection and the Rapture come at the end of the Great Tribulation – the pre-tribulation rapture idea is a pleasing one, but it doesn’t seem to be supported by scripture.


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One thought on “Is the Book of Daniel Sealed in Daniel 12? Or is it the Book of Life?

  1. The correct content of the “Book” that was foretold by Daniel, has indeed been unsealed and released to humanity. It is available freely here:

    Posted by Johny | December 31, 2017, 8:34 pm

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