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French Airstrikes Destroy ISIS Terrorist Base in Syria

From warsclerotic/danmillerinpanama (I sometimes can’t re-blog directly)

By now the international community is praising the French government for finally doing what the US government refuses to do – completely destroy an Islamic State (IS) training camp. We have to ask ourselves, “How can there be a training camp left in Syria???” The US has been conducting airstrikes in the country for several months, these camps aren’t “hidden” – so how did this particular installation last long enough for the French to take it out? The answer is obvious – The Obama administration still has absolutely no real strategy to combat IS. Well, we take that back, they do have a strategy: Run out the clock and let it be the next President’s problem. [my comment: maybe his real strategy has been to support ISIS, while pretending to fight it by dropping bags of money and supplies on them.]

France launches its first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

Rafale-300x200Source: French Air Force

French President Hollande stated that the camp his military took out was a clear and present threat to the French people. He’s right. How so? Its one of several camps training personnel recruited by the Anwar al-Awlaqi Battalion for operations inside the European Union with a very special emphasis placed on France and the the UK. Our sources within the Parastin and YPG have informed us that 20 of these specially-trained foreign fighters were sent back to Europe within the last two weeks among refugees. This particular batch consists of mostly jihadists of Tunisian and Moroccan origin. These personnel are said to have received training in IED construction/TTP implementation and assassination operations in addition to the experience they obtained in small-unit tactics. According to our Parastin sources, these personnel are to return to their countries of origin and establish attack cells. The 20-man element is assessed to be split into two 10-man attack cells and set up in the UK and France, at which time they will lay low and begin the target development portion of their attack cycle.


I guess Putin showed the French it’s OK to have a pair of balls and attack terrorist enemies in the Middle East when necessary.  Obama must be fuming that his ISIS proxies are being attacked.


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One thought on “French Airstrikes Destroy ISIS Terrorist Base in Syria

  1. Thank you for posting this. The US news would NEVER even give this a mention.

    Posted by Catherine | October 4, 2015, 5:22 pm

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