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Icahn to Yahoo Finance: It’s going to be a real ‘bloodbath’

“Yahoo Finance has obtained a policy paper written by Carl Icahn on income inequality that the billionaire financier recently sent to Donald Trump and others on Wall Street and in Washington. In the paper, Icahn warns of “dangerous systemic problems that will affect each and every American in the coming years.” The five and a half page paper has some similarities to the video that Icahn is releasing on www.carlicahn.com, but focuses more on imbalances in our society. The paper was sent to Trump before the GOP presidential candidate revealed his economic proposals. “I sent it to a number of people,” Icahn said. “A few of the ideas in the paper are reflected in Donald Trump’s plan. I think that shows what an open-minded guy he is, which is what we need in the White House.”


When a multi-billionaire says that society and the stock markets are extremely imbalanced and the middle class is screwed and we are heading for an economic crash that will be a “bloodbath” – take heed of his warning.

It’s also interesting that he is endorsing Donald Trump.

When the economy is so sick that everyone is calling for economic collapse, and people are already (pre-crash) so desperate for change that an arrogant loudmouth like Trump is very popular and stands a chance of winning the 2016 election (if there is one) – then how bad are things about to get?

You know what I expect.

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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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