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Superman and Antichrist

Although the German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche has written extensively both in favor of the Superman and against Christianity in his book called The Antichrist – I am actually referring to the dual nature of President Barack Obama: how he would love the public to see him, and how (just maybe) we should really view him.
As described in my last book:
“In October 2012 (always in jest, of course) Obama told us ‘Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger, I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the planet Earth.’ Has any other president, joking or otherwise, ever claimed to be a savior for the planet? And should we overlook the symbolism?”
What symbolism, you ask?
There are two things to consider here. One is that I think Obama is the most likely contender for the eventual role of the Antichrist – I think he may be revealed as the Antichrist in 2016. But the evidence for this idea is covered at great length in my book, so for this article we will ignore most of the reasons I suspect he is the one and focus only on the reference to his father Jor-El. For I think there is good reason to see Jor-El as Satanic in nature. Hear me out and decide if you think anyone claiming to be Jor-El’s son might be claiming to be the Antichrist.
At the start of the original Superman movie from 1978, Jor-El is the judge presiding over a trinity led by Zod. Jor-El wears a black robe with a pentagram symbol with a serpent inside it – his family crest. The ‘El’ part of the name Jor-El is an ancient name for God, still recognizable in names like Beth-El (House of God.) The actor (Marlon Brando) was “The God-Father.” The first syllable, “Jor” – suggests considering the meaning of “Jordan” – the main river of Israel. The word means “the descender” (http://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionary/jordan/) because the river flows down to a very low elevation and does it quickly over a short distance. Other sites commenting on the name share a similar view; the consensus is that it means one who descends, falls down, or flows down. In Latin, the same sound (as jor) can be found with the more common spelling jur, as in “juris” – which means “of the law” in Latin, or as found in “jury” or “juror” – which is “one who serves by law on a jury” to judge a lawbreaker. “Jor-El” isn’t just a cool-sounding name someone made up. Its roots add up to mean “the Descender, the judger of God.” I would argue that the Superman movie’s judgment scene on Krypton (which, by the way, means “the hidden one” and is the Greek root of words like encryption) is a scene from Satan’s point of view – and how he would have liked to overthrow and cast judgment on God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Of course the Superman movie portrays Zod as the bad guy, but history is written by the victors and if Satan had been able to win the war in heaven he would undoubtedly portray God as an evil megalomaniac and portray himself as the benevolent light-bringer. With that perspective in mind, consider the beginning of the original Superman movie. Zod gives a speech to Jor-El during his sentencing which sounds a lot like what an angry God might have said: “It is therefore now become your decision. You alone can condemn us if you wish. And you alone will be held responsible by me… [long pause] You will bow down before me Jor-El! I swear it! No matter that it takes an eternity!”
It sounds outrageous, right? Am I really claiming the director INTENTIONALLY aimed to portray Jor-El from a Satanic perspective?
Consider that the director, Richard Donner, was chosen to make the Superman movie on the basis of his perspective on this. After all, he had just finished directing a little movie about the Antichrist – (the script’s original title was “The Antichrist”) – perhaps you’ve heard of THE OMEN, in which Donner introduced the character Damien to us in 1976. I argue that the director of the Superman movie knew exactly what he was doing with Jor-El. In one interview about his career, Donner comments on the Omen: “I did everything so it could have been circumstantial.” He is referring to all the fatalities that occurred near Damien. Did Damien kill them? Or were there just a lot of accidents? You don’t know for certain. I think the same could apply to the Satanic portrayal of Jor-El.  Was it intentional?  The evidence is circumstantial.
But in the end, we still have a godlike man in black with a serpent and pentagram symbol whose name is deeply symbolic, sending his son to Earth like a surrogate savior… And we have a president joking that he was sent here by his father Jor-El.
Obama has made other jokes too. Back in 2007, as Morgan Freeman approached Obama at a fundraiser, Obama said “This guy was president before I was,” (referring to Freeman’s role in Deep Impact – and a presidency he hadn’t even been elected into yet.) Then he made a reference to Freeman’s role as God in Bruce Almighty: “This guy was God before I was.”
Wow. No blasphemous boasting there.
And as recently as 2014: “Michele Bachmann actually predicted I would bring about the biblical end of days,” Obama said. “Now that’s a legacy — that’s big. I mean, Lincoln, Washington — they didn’t do that.” To me – and many others – Obama sounds a little too proud of the possibility when he should be embarrassed and ashamed.
Does this conclusively mean that Obama is the Antichrist? Of course not. There is no way we will get enough clear evidence to know for certain – until the restrainer is allowed to fully reveal the identity of the Antichrist to the entire world. But I believe that day is coming soon – and if you like my analysis in this article, consider reading: Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate



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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


2 thoughts on “Superman and Antichrist

  1. I would love to see in the old testament where a “war in heaven” took place. The story of Satan is a lie. Jesus was a real man who walked the earth and performed miracles and they murdered him because they wanted to control the masses. Then the Roman Emperor Constantine hijacked the Christian faith and invented the Devil. It was easy to do… just change a few words from serpent to Satan in the old testament and in the new testament blame everything on the Devil and poof! You got a boogie man! Now do what the priests want or this boogie man will take your soul to hell! Remember the dark ages? You ever wonder why it lasted so long?

    Your summary for the first paragraph was perfect. Just remember that the guys who wrote the Superman story were Jews. They understand that Christians stole their faith and created pure bull shit out of it! They understand that there is no Satan.

    Posted by Jeffery Weir | July 5, 2017, 2:57 pm
  2. I have 100 percent proof Marilyn Manson is the antichrist
    and that God will send Jesus here in the form of Superman to handle business
    when he returns. In revelation 1:4 there are 7 letters to 7 churches.
    Philadelphia is one of three churches named, the original capital and start of
    the United States. This year Philly won their first super bowl in 2018.
    Philadelphia to Canton Ohio is exactly 333
    miles as the crow flies. Canton is where the football Hall of Fame is and is
    also where Marilyn Manson the antichrist was born on January 5th 1969. Canton
    Ohio to Chicago is exactly 333 miles
    as the crow flies. Chicago is where Anton Lavey published the satanic Bible in
    the same year Marilyn Manson was born, 1969. 
    That adds up to 666, this is the true root of the mark of the beast. I
    figured this out because of 20 years of research and God putting me through a
    gauntlet of religious happenings my entire life. The reason I figured out to
    break the mark of the beast in half is because the number 333 has been
    following me my entire life. 333 was even engraved on the ignition key of the
    last Motorcycle before I bought it. Manson and Anton Lavey became friends and
    they first met each other at Anton’s Laveys Black house which happened to be in
    San Francisco. Now this is how I think Jesus will return as Superman.  Robert Stroud the birdman of Alcatraz is
    surprisingly one of God’s most special Angels. Robert published a book about
    birds in 1933 that had to be
    originally smuggled out of prison. After he died he was buried cross country in
    Metropolis Illinois, the only city that is named after superman’s hometown.
    Jerry Siegel of Cleveland Ohio who created Superman (another birdman) in 1933
    died 33 years later on the birdman’s
    birthday, January 28 1996. Metropolis Illinois to Fort Wayne Indiana is exactly
    333 where I wrote the book American Wonderland, a book that once and for all
    proves God and Jesus exists. This is my soul purpose on Earth is to prove God
    and Jesus are 100 percent real before the end and Jesus comes back. If you add
    up all three 333 mile lines it equals 999. There is only one picture in
    existence that shows both Anton Lavey and Marilyn Manson together and above
    them you can clearly see the number 999. 
    There was an incident the day after Carmelo Anthony led the Syracuse
    Orangemen to their first NCAA championship over the Kansas Jayhawks in 2003 to
    win their first NCAA title. This day I almost drowned where the St. Mary’s
    meets the St. Joseph River to form the Miami River in Fort Wayne Indiana. This
    is the day I walked the yellow brick road in real life and ended up meeting OZ
    at St.  I got out of the river bare foot
    and later that day my friend gave me a pair of reddish orange echo shoes, which
    is the same color as the Denver broncos. The shoes had the rhinoceros logo on
    the side of then and later when I met a man who said his name is OZ at St.
    Joseph hospital. OZ had the rhinoceros echo logo branded on his forearm, the
    same size and shape of the shoes I was given that day.  Ever since then I have had one biblical
    happening after another. I haven’t aged since 2003 as well.  If #23 Wayne Anthony would have not been
    injured for the Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas most likely would have won that
    Championship Game.  Wayne Anthony had the
    most success after that game and later won a title in the NBA with the Miami
    heat, Wayne also founded a successful Christian foundation. Fort Wayne was
    founded by Mad Anthony Wayne, this is Wayne Anthony’s name backwards. Johnny
    Depp was one of God’s special Angels until he became best friends with Marilyn
    Manson, they even have matching tattoos. If you ever watch the old 1962 movie
    “the birdman of Alcatraz” the first bird Robert saves is a Sparrow he
    names Jack. In pirates of the Caribbean, john plays Captain Jack Sparrow. The
    reason I know so many things is because of all the things God has put me
    through, and when I wrote about them it all came together like one huge puzzle.
    This is all part of Gods awesome plan. God’s revelation story starts at Philly
    where they filmed Rocky to Alcatraz “The Rock”, which both stands for
    Peter the Rock, Jesus’s best friend. I was born January 27, 1980 and the
    birdman of Alcatraz was born on January 28, 1890. The first day of construction
    of the Golden Gate Bridge was started on January 5th 1933, Marilyn
    Manson’s birthday. This is where the end will start, he’s either going jump off
    or get baptized in the water underneath the bridge, his choice. Either way the
    wicked witch is getting wet. To Get to Alcatraz you have to take a ferry at
    Pier # 33. Notice how many times the number 33 keeps popping up just in this
    story.  33 is a code God keeps putting in
    front of us to remind us of Jesus. On January 5th 1982 there was a landslide in
    San Francisco that killed 33 people in which they also had to shut down the
    Golden Gate Bridge that day.  That
    landslide occurred on the exact day of the 49th
    anniversary of the start of construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and is also
    the same day Marilyn Manson turned 13 the same exact day Marilyn Manson sold
    his soul to the devil.  There is a reason
    Marilyn Manson turned 49 this year,
    and there is a reason he was born in Canton Ohio, the football hall of fame and
    there is a reason the Philadelphia Eagles won this year, and there is a reason
    The Golden state Warriors are going to win this year in Philadelphia. The
    Golden State Warriors were originally the Philadelphia Warriors and won their
    first championship in 1956 against the Ft. Wayne Pistons. God’s story spans
    from Rocky in Philadelphia to the Rock in Alcatraz and both Rocks stand for
    Peter “the Rock” Jesus’s best friend.

    Posted by Nick Giant | June 12, 2018, 9:41 pm

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