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Did Obama Intentionally Create and Fund ISIS?

Officially, America is fighting against the Islamic State (ISIS).

Dig a level deeper, and unofficially, many understand that America is using ISIS to rebel against and overthrow the Assad regime in Syria – a regime supported by Hezbollah, Iran, Russia, and China.  Why do you think Russian troops have landed in Syria to fight ISIS and defend Assad?  Is it because America is unable to defeat ISIS?  Or because America isn’t really trying to defeat ISIS?  I trust Putin will work harder to defeat them than Obama is.

Dig one more Inception-like level deeper still – and wonder if America’s pro-Muslim president has a secret agenda in which the main goal is not to topple Assad, but to create an Islamic Caliphate.  After all, this is a president who is proud to be told he is bringing on the biblical end times – about which he said: “Now that’s a legacy!  Lincoln, Washington – they didn’t do that.”

What better way to destabilize the Middle East, start a huge war, and destroy Israel (if those were your goals) than to create a revived Islamic Caliphate, which just happens to fit the descriptions of Daniel’s fourth kingdom?

For an article touching gently on some of these topics:

“In early 2015, Yousaf al Salafi, a man believed to be the Pakistani commander of the Islamic State, confessed during investigations that he has been receiving money through the United States.

A few months after al Salafi revealed the funding he was receiving was routed through the United States, Michael Flynn, former director of Obama’s Defence Intelligence Agency, said he warned the Obama administration three years ago that the groups they were funding in Syria were actually Islamic jihadists. Now, a group of 50 intelligence analysts working out of the U.S. military’s Central Command have complained that their reports on Islamic State and the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda were being incorrectly changed by senior officials…

A recently declassified 2012 document shows that “Salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [Al-Qaeda in Iraq]” were listed as the “major forces driving the insurgency in Syria.” The document also revealed that “the West, Gulf countries and Turkey support the opposition while Russia, China and Iran support the regime.” According to the declassified document, the Obama administration was warned in 2012 that these Islamic jihadists wanted to create a “Salafist principality in eastern Syria” and that ISI [Islamic State of Iraq] could declare an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which will create grave danger in regards to unifying Iraq and the protection of its territory.”

Now, over 50 intelligence analysts have formally claimed their reports on Islamic State and al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria were altered by senior officials, The Daily Beast reported. An investigation into the alleged manipulation of intelligence has been opened.

A couple of months ago, two senior analysts at CENTCOM claimed in a written complaint to the Defence Department inspector general that the reports described the terror groups as weaker than they believe they are. The reports, some of which were briefed to the U.S. president, were altered by CENTCOM senior officials to make sure it adheres to the presidential administration’s public line that the United States is winning the fight against Islamic State and an al-Qaeda branch in Syria named al-Nusra, the analysts told the publication. The written complaint was supported by 50 other intelligence analysts.”

Read more of the full original article HERE

Read a more full analysis of why Obama might be creating and funding and supporting ISIS HERE


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