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Pastor Speculates on Black American President as the Antichrist – in 2006

Even though I finished writing Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate a year ago, I still think about it often – if I’m right, there isn’t much normal time left – for America or the world – and I continue to read related books and articles as I find them.

A few days ago I stumbled onto a web site from November 2006 in which a pastor in Arizona discusses the likelihood of the future Antichrist being an American president – a black president. Reading it in hindsight, the web site seems to describe Obama well enough that I had serious doubts that the content was really created in 2006, back when almost no one outside of Illinois had heard of Obama yet (and those who did know of him had little reason to assume he would be the next president elected in November 2008.) But right clicking on the web site to “view page info” does at least tell us the page was last modified on “Sunday, April 29, 2007.” It does not appear that this content was created during Obama’s presidency and backdated to deceive us. Pastor Storti’s other Bible Watchmen pages have no mention of Obama or a black president, not even on the “666” article page – so it doesn’t seem like he has a hidden focus or agenda on this topic. Unless someone skilled was able to back date the web site info, this might be a legitimate prediction, not aimed specifically at Obama, as presented at: http://biblewatchman.com/blackanti.htm

From this web page titled: “The Black Antichrist – Nov-2006” come the following excerpts which Pastor Storti apparently wrote in 2006:

“I believe the Antichrist-Beast may be a black man. We will not know who he is until after the rapture [I do not agree with Storti and others on the idea of a pre-tribulation rapture] and then he will be revealed for the beast that he is. But we must watch the many antichrists of today as one shall be ‘the’ Antichrist. And we must especially watch the president of the U.S. because it is the greatest throne on earth, the throne of the American Empire. Watch closely a black American President. The beast is mostly like a leopard and the leopard is the symbol of Africa….”

“Like the leopard-clad chiefs in Africa, he’ll be the greatest chief of all – the chief executive of the U.S. – the president. He’ll visit Africa and millions will flock to see this great man who is the symbol and confirmation of the American Dream. From the slave house to the White House, as it were. Many African chiefs will visit him in the White House because he’s an African-American president. The Devil gives him “his power, and his seat, and great authority” – (Rev.13:2). They will play ‘Hail to the Chief.’”

“The leopard is perfectly camouflaged for the hunter killer he is. His markings perfectly conceal and disguise him. And the Antichrist’s character will be to deceive and disguise his evil nature and heart. He will be the most deceitful man who ever lived. He will skillfully use his minority status and black skin as a political asset and skillfully use the news media to gain power. If you reveal his evil character, you’ll be branded as a racist. For instance, if you call him the Antichrist, he will accuse you of being a racist and a bigot….”

“The Beast, like the leopard, will be perfectly integrated. The leopard’s skin is a light brown, with a white belly and throughout and over all are black spots. He is a melting pot of the nations as the U.S. is. If the Antichrist is half black and half white with a tan skin, he will be a confirmation to the world that the American Dream is finally working. He’ll be black enough for blacks, white enough for whites, brown enough for Hispanics. Only it will be the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar in (Dan.2) and the empire of Antichrist – the feet of iron and clay that will be crushed by Emperor Jesus Christ at His second coming at Armageddon. Keep in mind that Satan is an evil genius and his Antichrist is his masterpiece of deception. He will be very charismatic and loved by most everyone who will be spellbound and starstruck in his presence. He will be the greatest idol that Hollywood ever had – but he will have feet of clay.”

“The black Antichrist apparently suffers a fatal head wound and resurrects from death. I say apparently, not an actual death and resurrection. The three words in (Rev.13:3) “as it were” indicates fakery, not an actual death. It’s then that he receives the worship of a deluded world who have rejected Christ, as he apparently counterfeits the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. In the U.S. four leaders have been assassinated by head wounds: President Lincoln and President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy as he campaigned for the presidency, and M.L. King. The common denominator is civil rights for blacks. What would happen if Congress tried to impeach a black president, or if a black president was assassinated? I believe we would see blacks and especially Black Panthers, start a revolution and America would burn as we saw a preview of it with the assassination of M.L. King with blacks rioting in over a hundred cities. We must watch for the next black civil rights political leader who becomes the first black president of the U.S. and is ‘apparently’ assassinated and resurrected.”

Wow. Storti never says that the tribulation or the revealing of the Antichrist will occur on any particular date [as I do – for June 6, 2016] so he does not suggest that this will occur during the current White House administration. He never mentions Obama – but he does mention the prospect of the Antichrist being an American president – quite possibly one that is half black and half white. He tackles the Leopard/Beast issue from Daniel and Revelation a little differently than I did in my book, yet still warns us what we need to watch for.

And if you watch, there are many signs.  Not only does Obama act as if he favors Islam, not only does he work against Christian values such as promoting gay marriage – there are often signs within the phrases and images used to de-Christianize America (and according to some people, notably Rabbi Jonathan Cahn – these policies will incur the wrath of God to punish America.)

Consider this tweeted image from Obama promoting gay marriage:

Marriage Equality Flag

The rainbow flag is obvious.

What About the leopard profile of the flag?  It’s obvious enough once you see it.  Could it possibly be coincidence?  Or is it obviously intentional?

leopard profile

If you find such things intriguing and are interested in more evidence on this topic, read:

Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


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