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Florida Gun Supply’s Muslim-Free Zone

I understand that for many people this flag represents the era of slavery – but this isn’t about the Confederate flag, or much of what people today think it stood for, except for an attempt to be free from oppressive government.  So whether you are conservative or liberal in 21st century America, or even if you were a slave or a slaveowner in 19th century America – I think we can all agree that freedom and oppression are central to any meaning behind this flag.  Moving on…

Thank you Lady Raven (at https://ladyravensaspirincabinet.wordpress.com/) for bringing this story to my attention.

One thing you can say about a radical Islamic jihadist terrorist – they act on their beliefs – they are willing to sacrifice their lives for a cause they believe in.

Americans – in general – are too comfortable and lazy and uncommitted to their “convictions” and “beliefs” to do much of anything.  Americans (in theory) generally admire freedom, the rights established in our Constitution, and the founding principles of Western civilization – the traditions that incorporated the best of Greek philosophy, Roman government, Judeo-Christian values, and British Common Law.

On December 7, 1941 – Pearl Harbor was attacked, and America knew it was at war.  The nation awakened to defend itself and much of the world from evil.  But power corrupts.  Postwar America quickly dominated the shattered world militarily and economically.  Those who had gained the most money and power wanted to keep their gains.  Greed became an end in itself; the quest for power became not a means to an end, but an end in itself.

Now America is like the proverbial frog in a pot of water that isn’t quite boiling yet.  We notice some heat but we take no action.  We have enemies working against us – foreign – and domestic – and we tolerate it.  Americans rarely take a stand for what is right, especially if it would put one’s life, liberty, or financial well being at risk by standing up to so much as point out what is evil.

Many governments are evil.  Hitler’s was.  Not just Hitler, but thousands of others who ran his military, his extermination camps, and his government.  Stalin’s government was the same.  I suspect that given the opportunity – and we are giving it to them – Iran’s government, and Obama’s government will continue to head in a similar direction.  Sadly, as in Orwell’s “1984” – pointing out this truth can get one on a list as an enemy of the state.  What does that say about the (government)state?

The leadership at Florida Gun Supply is taking a stand for what they believe is right – and it isn’t the Confederate flag they are defending, it is the American nation.  (Watch the video.)  They run the risk that a jihadi will target their store, or them personally.  They run the risk (the certainty) that the jihadis’ friends – Obama’s thugs – will target them first.  But this fear of attack hasn’t stopped them.  They have had enough, and have decided to stand up for what they believe in.  I hope a lot of Americans still exist who can recognize and admire that.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

What will it take before you would be willing to take a stand and at least acknowledge what you know is true?

Do you not see any signs?

Heck, I even see it here at WordPress – an insidious interference in the minor nuances of blogging.  When I enter tags and categories to help a blog entry show up in search engines better – WordPress usually auto-finishes common tags for me.  If I type B-I-B, I don’t have to type the L before it recognizes that I’m starting the word “Bible” and it offers the completed choice.  E-C-O will bring up “economics” and “economic collapse” because I have used them multiple times.  But I have to type “I-S-L-A-M-I-C  T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-M” to the end.  I guess it doesn’t exist for Obama, since Islam is the religion of peace (don’t believe their lies) and the phrase isn’t acceptable in Obama’s America, so some programmer had to make sure I have to work a tiny bit harder to use the phrase.  It took a long time to even notice such a subtle issue.  But I don’t think it is an exaggeration that thousands of subtle influences can add up meaningfully.

Be aware.  Don’t be a sheep.  See evil for what it is.  Stand up for what is good and what is right and do something.  At least point out evil when you recognize it, if you won’t fight it at least help others recognize it.

I think America is Mystery Babylon, and that it is about to fall.  If interested in a likely chain of events coming soon, read:

Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate


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