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Ann Barnhardt says Obama Intentionally Trying to Bury America in Debt

Ann Barnhardt screen shot

Is Obama truly a communist Manchurian Candidate (or worse) who aimed from the beginning to prevent America from being able to bully the world by destroying America’s economic advantages, burying it in debt, and making it impossible to dominate the world economically, militarily, and culturally?  It seems like the very intelligent financial analyst Ann Barnhardt thinks so.

Dinesh D’Souza, who explained a similar thesis in “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” also seems to think so.  I think the truth is at least that bad – or worse.

Financial cycles bring booms and busts on their own.  It happens without the intent to bring it on, even when people in power try to prevent it.  If the president WANTS to crash the economy, how much more likely is the crash so many big names have been warning us about?  September 2015 or not, a crash is coming.  Huge debt is poison for an individual or a nation.  You can’t spend beyond your means forever.  Expect that your retirement accounts and bank accounts will eventually be seized.  FDIC insurance will not protect against intentional systemic failure.  If and when that happens as AB describes, hello chaos, martial law, suspension of elections, and dictatorship.


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