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Gay Marriage – and the Star of Bethlehem?

Nelson Waters has written many excellent posts at The Gospel in the End Times blog.

He has one today titled:

Gay Marriage and the Star of Bethlehem

The whole article is linked above, but I will give part of it below:

Yes, I know this is an absolutely crazy title for a blog, but sit tight,  God is revealing signs in the stars that are amazing.

There will be signs in sun and moon and stars. (Luke 21: 25)

We are living in times when the Bible is being fulfilled before our eyes.  Let us begin with the sign.  Look up in the  west-northwest sky right after sundown tonight.  Venus and Jupiter will be in conjunction in the near vincinty of Leo the Lion and Cancer.  To scientists this is “ho-hum” stuff. Nothing too exciting; just another 3 degree of separation conjuction. This the second of three conjunctions of these planets in a 2 year period.  Two thousand years ago there was a similar series of three conjunctions of these planets. I wrote about that earlier grouping in CHRISTMAS AND THE END TIMES.  During one of those conjuctions, Venus and Jupiter actually “touched” visually.  There was zero degrees of separation.  Many consider the combination of astrologic signs during 3 BC to be the “Star of Bethlehem.”  Read about that amazing group of signs in the link.

This week’s sign isn’t as spectacular. Most Christians are ignoring it just like the scientists.  Let’s look at the sign in detail, however. During the “Star of Bethlehem” sign in 3 BC, the planets visually touched signifying “He is here! The King is born.”  During tonight’s sign the planets almost touch signifying “He’s almost here!  The King is coming.” At at least that’s what it says to me.

Next let’s look at the position of the conjunction.


Again, the full article continues at the link above…


I commented:

Nelson, I really like your posts and although I don’t think a Venus/Jupiter conjunction was the “Star of Bethlehem” (something else in 6BC was, in my opinion) I do think your article has merit because the conjunction last night is still a SIGN in the sky at a time when history is going badly…

But I do want to correct one thing: I am confident that the Babylonians destroyed the Jewish Temple in 584 BC. (The article I comment on says 586BC)  I know many historians say 586BC but they are incorrectly mixing Babylonian and Jewish information and attributing a Babylonian method for reckoning the start of a king’s reign – backdating to the previous Nisan 1 in the spring – when Jeremiah would have POST-dated the reign to the upcoming Tishri 1. Since the throne was probably taken approximately the 5th of Cheshvan (October) – this leads to an 18 month discrepancy which has many historians quoting the wrong year. All very understandable – applying clear Babylonian record-keeping to Jeremiah’s statement about what year of the king’s reign events happened in – but without understanding that you can’t take Jeremiah’s comment of the 19th year and assume it is the same year the Babylonians called the 19th year.

I dwell on this only because I feel it is important to understanding the timing of Christ’s Return. If we understand the Babylonians destroyed the Jewish Temple in 584 BC, we can see that the Muslims started construction of a mosque there 1260 years later in 677 AD (no year zero) and that 1290 years later the Israelis liberated the Temple Mount in 1967. I believe that Daniel’s 1335 ended 45 years later in 2012, and that the final seven years that follow end in 2019. I believe that adding one 49 year jubilee to the June 6-7, 1967 liberation of East Jerusalem (along with many other clues as well) leads exactly to June 6, 2016 – a 6/6/6 type date when Venus (the Morningstar, aka Lucifer) will be behind (opposite, anti-) the Sun (symbolizing Christ) when I expect to identity of the Antichrist to be fully revealed to the entire world.

We are experiencing signs because we are close to the end. If anyone is interested in more details on how I reached my timeline, read:
End Times and 2019
Antichrist 2016-2019


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