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How Do You Handle Knowing the End is Near?

A reader (of my blog) recently said:

“I am reading Antichrist 2016-2019. I’m a Born again christian, studied Biblical eschatology from age 10. Have many thoughts about what you write and agree with it overall. I am torn between wanting to inform my family and wanting to protect them from knowing things God hasn’t shown them. Knowing that God is soon going to put an end to the evil and suffering going on in the world is a big relief; yet knowing how little time is left feels sad. I wonder how you handle it. Back in the 90s, an acquaintance was not doing a good job in homeschooling her kids but excused it by saying her husband didn’t think the world would last long enough for them to grow up, so it didn’t matter. Yet the New Testament tells us to keep busy until he comes. My family is Christian except one, and I don’t think anything I say would make a difference to any of them.”

I responded:

“Hello ———-,
First of all, although I feel there is massive evidence for my timeline of events, I could be wrong. So my advice is to be prepared spiritually and materially for events we expect to occur soon – without sacrificing what you need to do for normal everyday life. Don’t press anyone who doesn’t have eyes to see or ears to hear with unpopular warnings of imminent doom. Don’t neglect your children or their education – don’t quit your job – etc. And cherish every day as if it is the last time you may experience such things (which is always true, for everyone, as there is always the risk that war or disease or an accident could rob us of the future we expect.) Make a point of being prepared, but also make a point of enjoying the moment. Just as we should savor every cookie in the box as if it is the last one, I recommend savoring every wonderful aspect of our everyday lives and being thankful to have experienced so much already. With my focus on events I consider likely to occur on June 6, 2016 – I already find myself thinking – I probably just had my last normal Father’s Day. Soon I will watch what might be my last 4th of July fireworks with my kids. EVER. So I will relish the experience while I still can, because fireworks, air conditioning, pizza, medical care, freedom, and life itself could disappear soon. Having long ago accepted that there might be very little time left – it actually feels like there has been a LONG time. I feel ready for being right, and I feel ready for being wrong and living a long, normal life. Don’t betray yourself or your future by not being prepared for multiple possibilities – and don’t betray your religious faith like millions will when the world horribly fails to live up to their optimistic expectations. Our faith must be in God, not in men of this world.”

I welcome thoughts, insights, and comments on this


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