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We CAN Know the Identity of the Antichrist; According to Rob Conrad

Rob Conrad comments on the basic biblical concepts of the Antichrist and his revealing at heisnear.com
Contrary to ALL popular TV prophecy preachers and prophecy book authors who  unanimously  say  that   ‘No one can know who Antichrist is’ ,   the  Bible  provides  vast  amounts  of  information about  him   and   pinpoints  his  exact  profile   for  us  to  know.

One  of  many   false   notions  created   by   today’s   popularized   yet  blind  Prophecy   preachers/authors   is   that   Antichrist’s   “revealing” means    no  one   can  know   right  now,    until   he’s   revealed  at  some   point   in   the   future…...
This  not  only   is   inaccurate   but   has   blinded  a   whole  generation  for  over  44  years  since  “The  Late  Great  Planet  Earth”   promoted  the   idea   in   1970.          
However,   as   overwhelmingly   shown  at   Heisnear.com   and   its books,   Antichrist’s  virtual   profile   and   presence  on   the   world  stage   has   been   spotlighted   by    God’s   Word   since   95AD’s writing  of   the   Book  of  Revelation.
The   ‘revealing’  of   Antichrist  simply   refers  to   the   ultimate  unmasking   and    FINAL  UNLEASHING   of   his   full   satanic   em- powering    on   earth    at   the   Mid-Point   of   the   7   Year  Tribulation.
At the exact “middle”  point  of the  7 year Tribulation  the man of sin   [“antichrist”  as he is called today]  will stand in the newly-built Jerusalem  temple &  exalt himself above God & every object of worship……displaying himself as being God”.           [2 Thess.2:4]
It  is  at  this  “mid-7 year point”   when he  is  “revealed”   to  the world  in  his  true  wicked  nature.   Up  until  the  Mid-7 year  point,  his   masquerade   of   ‘goodness’   will   still   fool   spiritually-blind and   unsuspecting  people  worldwide.  
However,   in  the  “middle”   of  the  7  years   at  his  “revealing“, the  most  extreme  evil   that   will  ever  exist  on   earth  will   sud denly   become  unleashed   in  this   1  man   during  the  ensuing nightmare  of   the   Great Tribulation.     Prophetically,   this  event is  clearly  in   view   &  will   occur  in   the   not-too-distant   future.
Read more commentary from Rob Conrad at http://www.heisnear.com/theRevealingofAntichrist.html
I agree with Rob on all the basics he describes above.  But while he seems to assume the pope will prove to be the Antichrist, I assume a different politician will soon prove to be the man of sin.  I think he is in error and that this common error is based on “the people of the prince” who the Bible warned would come and destroy the Temple in Jerusalem.  Of course, the Roman general Titus, son of the Emperor Vespasian, was a prince who fulfilled that prophecy in 70A.D.  But who were his “people” who came with him?  The soldiers in Rome’s eastern legions were NOT Romans or Europeans.  Over 90% were local Arab conscripts from Syria, Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey.   As detailed in my books (and Joel Richardson’s books, like Mideast Beast and Islamic Antichrist; and others’ books as well) “the people of the prince” were the Arab ancestors of the current Muslim population of the Middle East.  For my take on this, read:
Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

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Historian, investigator, and author of prophecy books like End Times and 2019, and Antichrist 2016-2019


4 thoughts on “We CAN Know the Identity of the Antichrist; According to Rob Conrad

  1. Agreed! The Antichrist will come from the Middle East.

    Posted by night7watch | June 17, 2015, 1:52 am

    Trump – neither denies their existence nor ignores their power to do “magic” for him in the world of the “here and now.” He refers to the power that these forces have conferred upon him as a “feeling” or “instinct” that overcomes him when making a decision.

    The magazine Dangerous Minds comments of what Trump means when he speaks of his “instinct:”

    “Instinct … is an interesting, mysterious quality, and one possessed by most of history’s biggest players. By ‘biggest players’, we mean those that took advantage of circumstances to seize radical power (as opposed to boring old figurehead-of-the-establishment-type power): the likes of Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler, etc.. Typically, such figures consider themselves possessed of some sort of second sight, a phantom patron (or perhaps “daemon” [meaning a “guiding spirit] that whispers in their ear (and theirs alone).

    “They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds.”

    So, compared to God’s truth, divination is false, deceitful, and worthless – at least insofar as God’s purposes are concerned.

    Divination is a sin. It is not an alternate source of wisdom. The spirits of this world are real; but according to Scripture, these spirits are not the Holy Spirit or angels but are instead are evil spirits.

    Commenting once again on Trump’s “instinct,” Dangerous Minds goes on to say:

    “‘I predicted terrorism because I can feel it’, Donald Trumpannounced about the massacre in Paris. I can feel it like I feel a good location [for one of my real estate projects] … ‘I really believe I have an instinct for this kind of thing

    Posted by Wonder | March 21, 2017, 10:32 am
  3. Question – Out of all the presidents in America who have been under the masonic brotherhood and some who are members of other secret societies not once has any of them called out to be the AntiChrist except for President Obama? I’m not saying that Obama is sqeeky clean or have non partnership with secret societies. All of these high placements are appointed the hidden darkness thAt runs the entire world banking s system. The actual skeletor that created the educatiinal system. Those in the dark are the ones that calls the shots. Obama is the man that takes us all down. Are you judging by skin color? I shall hope not. America has a dangerous mind sitting the head of the table with fangs cocked read to bite. The new testament speaks of One Savior who is not quite here just yet and one false who many will marvel and praise him for he will bring back prosperity. The New Jerusalem can not be restored by an ordinary man. The new Jerusalem will come with the groom. While it is no secret Trump practices witchcraft.

    Posted by Wonder | March 21, 2017, 11:12 am
    • Wonder – feel free to read some of the hundreds of things I have posted on why Obama seemed like the prime candidate for the Antichrist. Although he didn’t seize more dictatorial power in mid-2016 (Turkey’s Erdogan did, I’m watching him more now) Obama did fulfill prophecies about what happens right before an Islamic Antichrist leads Islam to war with Christianity. You seem focused on Trump and witchcraft – you’re entitled to have your own unique interests. But don’t ask me if I’m judging Obama by skin color if you clearly haven’t bothered to read any of the evidence presented right here on this blog and in my books first.

      Posted by David Montaigne | March 21, 2017, 2:49 pm

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