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Iran Sitting on Nuclear Weapons and ICBMs Makes Our World Safer According to the Administration

Iran has had ICBMs for at least a few months; photos of 89 foot missiles went public in February. It almost seems like leaders want an EMP or nuke attack on the USA, and are working hard to make it happen. Conspiracy theories abound – but I think the biblical explanation may be the most believable. Read –

Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

Iran Sitting on Nuclear Weapons and ICBMs Makes Our World Safer According to the Administration
by Sara Noble April 10, 2015 Via the Independent Sentinel

(An ICBM breakout this year? I imagine the payload is not far behind. – LS)

The so-called nuclear agreement told Tehran they could: keep their underground Fordow fuel enrichment plant; they didn’t have to dismantle their Arak plutonium facility; they had the right to enrich uranium; and the centrifuges spinning are fine as well. Iran is now insisting that sanctions must be immediately canceled and the inspections are to be limited with no oversight of military dimensions.

The nuclear agreement is not an agreement at all.

One should always be suspicious of miraculous last-minute deals. It was more likely a tactic employed to keep the talks going without congressional interference.

More important than what is in the agreement, is what is not.

Since 2014, we…

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