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Hope n’ Change

This would be funny if millions of lives didn’t depend on Iran’s intentions – and since their leaders talk about martyring themselves to bring on the end times, and chant Death To America and Death To Israel… it’s not so funny

Vermont Loon Watch

Trick or Treaty

Trick or Treaty sm

There are only a few days left in the nuclear negotiations between BarackHussein Obama and Iran, but Secretary of State and gangly professional shuttlecock John Kerry is hinting that an agreement is now within reach as the parties warm to each other.

For instance, as a show of good faith, the United States has already stopped pretending to be Israel’s ally – and in return, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei is calling for “Death to America”…but doing so with a new, pixyish twinkle in his eye.

Kerry believes that, as part of a comprehensive bargain, he can convince Khamenei to only call for America to have a wracking, bloody cough and painful hemorrhoids in the future.

Granted, to get a concession of that magnitude the U.S. has to give up some things. Like, oh, preventing Iran from developing nukes or keeping them from wiping Israel…

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